The Hub City – South Plains Charm

Lubbock is not just some ole’ South Plains town in West Texas. It’s true that West Texas is stereotyped as arid plains with rolling tumbleweeds and more cows than people (who all wear cowboy hats and spurs). Lubbock is quite different than the stereotype. There is much more to Lubbock than agriculture. The population of Lubbock is around 240,000 and it is the 11th largest city in Texas. The Hub City enjoys a wide variety of options with regards to entertainment. There are renowned museums, a world class university, nearby canyons, country clubs, nightlife and much more.

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Lubbock is home to several museums that you won’t find anywhere else. The unique Silent Wings Museum pays tribute to some of World War II’s unsung heroes, glider pilots. The American Wind Power Center is home to more than 160 windmills from America’s history to the present time, and emphasizes the importance that wind power has had on the development of our country, particularly West Texas. On the Texas Tech University campus are two important museums. One is the National Ranching Heritage Museum, featuring a physical history of ranching in the USA, and includes nearly 50 actual ranching buildings, tractors and other equipment dating back to the 18th century. Also on the TTU campus is the Museum of Texas Tech University.



The geography of Lubbock is plains land, but nearby is the beautiful Caprock Escarpment, which is the demarcation point between the high plains (the Llano Estacado) and the rolling hills to the East. West Texas is known to have some of the most beautiful sunsets in the USA. As you move away from the the city, the night sky fills with stars unlike anything you would every see living in a metropolitan area like Dallas, Houston or San Antonio.

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Lubbock is also home to several universities. Most notable is Texas Tech University, which boast students from all 50 states and over 100 countries. The Lubbock Christian University is also in Lubbock. Also with campuses in Lubbock are the South Plains College, Kaplan College and the Sunset International Bible Institute.

It’s almost time for college students to be released for summer break, so parents get their storage needs out of the way. You can find dozens of self-storage facilities within minutes drive of Texas Tech dormitories.

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Looking For Training In Lubbock?

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