Hometown Heroes

hs footballRemember going to high school home football games when you were younger? I do. I loved the atmosphere – cool weather, being out of the house and away from the parents, flirting with potential girlfriends/boyfriends, trash talking the other high school. I could go on and on, but underlying the entire scene was this team mentality. Whether we were paying attention to the game or not, we were rooting for ‘our team’. Of course, your team always seemed to have one star player, a quarterback, a running back, a wide receiver. He was the HOMETOWN HERO. He was the one being carried off the field on the shoulders of the rest of the team.

As a nation (and as Texans, for sure) we love our hometown heroes. So why should this support of our hometown heroes stop with high school? I say it shouldn’t. I say the closer to home, the better! As a nation, we should strive to support our own hometown heroes in American industry. It may cost a little more, but isn’t it worth it to support our own countrymen?

In Texas, we should buy from Texans. Our state’s economy is always one of the strongest in the nation. Could it be that we live by the Hometown Hero ideal, preferring to buy close to home and support our local economies? Lubbock itself was named number 12 on the CNNMoney.com ‘best place to start a small business’ list.

It’s no lie that Lubbock residents are quite proud of their heritage. Businesses consider being a Lubbock native a point worth mentioning on their signs, their business card and their commercials. The same goes for Tech graduates. So many of them stick around Lubbock and grow their business and families right here in Lubbock. For instance, the owner of Tech This Computer & IT is a Red Raider (couldn’t you tell by the name of the business?). So for computer repair in Lubbock, support a Red Raider!

Shop local, buy local and maintain Lubbock’s economy as a shining example of how the idea of Hometown Hero can keep our country strong!