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All assisted living services at Wilshire Place Senior Living are planned with the understanding that resident’s individual needs can change over time. When their circumstances change, our highly trained staff is there to provide assistance while ensuring the dignity and respect that the resident is entitled to.

Resident service plans are created and reviewed on a regular basis with the involvement of each resident, family member and key staff members. Wilshire Place wants to ensure the appropriateness of the direction, scope and degree of services being provided.

Assisted living services at Wilshire Place are supervised by a licensed nurse and may include: medication monitoring, grooming and bathing assistance, personal laundry and other assistance with activities of daily living.

Charges for individual personal care service plans are determined through an assessment using a point based scoring method. The assessment will reflect a point total and total charge for the services provided.

You may add, cancel, or modify services as your needs change; best of all, you pay only for what you need. This approach accurately ensures that the charge for care services fees directly reflect your personal and individual needs.

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